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The International Standard ISO 50001:2018 Energy Management Systems - Requirements with guidance for use, was published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) on 21 August 2018 following the revision of the previous version of 2011. According to the decision of the General Assembly of the International Accreditation Forum (IAF) a three-year transition period is provided for the adaptation to the requirements of the ISO Standard 50001:2018 starting from its date of issue until 21 August 2021.

ESYD, as a full member of ΕA and IAF, adopts the transition period of three (3) years for the full implementation of the ISO 50001:2018. All ISO 50001:2011 Certifications shall expire or be withdrawn at the end of the transition period (21 August 2021). It is noted that the certificates issued during this period of transition must follow the above mentioned deadline.

Within this transition timeline :

        ESYD will accept applications for transition assessments for ISO 50001: 2018 commencing from 1 March 2019 

        Certification Bodies (CABs) shall complete the transition process with AB for ISO 50001:2018 within 18 months (21 February 2020) from the date of publication of the revised standard.

        Certification Bodies shall cease conducting audits, including initial, surveillance and re certification to the ISO 50001:2011, 18 months (21 February 2020) from the date of publication of the revised standard. 


I. After 21 August 2021 the accredited certification bodies (CABs) shall issue certificates (new certifications / recertifications) exclusively according to the revised ELOT EN ISO 50001:2018.

ΙΙ. Certification bodies (CABs) are invited to inform the certified organizations in accordance with ELOT EN ISO 50001:2011 to adapt the Energy Management System they apply in order to ensure the timely renewal of their certificates before the end of the transition.

III. After the end of the transition 21 August 2021, all accredited certificates in accordance with ELOT EN ISO 50001:2011 are not valid.

Athens, 12.02.2019


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